Gemstone Obelisk

With the help of HSR Enterprises, experience the beauty and tranquility of gemstone obelisks. No matter if you are a collector, an interior designer, or just looking for a special present, our collection has a broad range of obelisks that will improve the look and feel of any room. 

Gemstone Chakra Reiki Set

The Gemstone Chakra Reiki Set from HSR Enterprises is a useful tool to include in your spiritual path, regardless of whether you are an individual looking for personal healing or a holistic practitioner wishing to improve your healing practice. These sets ensure that they reach you in perfect condition.

Gemstone Balls

Our gemstone balls are more than simply ornaments; they also possess important metaphysical qualities that have a good impact on the surroundings and your energy. Our balls are the ideal option whether you are a crystal aficionado, a holistic healer, or someone wishing to add a touch of elegance to their surroundings.

Orgone Pyramid
This feng shui item available in two different colours is supplied to customers in India and other countries, like Canada, China, Japan, Germany, Russia, UK, USA and UAE.

With our alluring selection of Gemstone Rondelle Beads, enter a world of magic and beauty. These gorgeous beads are proof of the beauty and attraction of nature's most beautiful creations. They were skillfully made from a range of valuable jewels.

Gemstone Bracelet

The goal of HSR Enterprises, a reputable manufacturer, exporter, distributor, and supplier, is to provide superior quality in each Gemstone Bracelet we provide. To guarantee that every bracelet fulfills our high standards for workmanship, toughness, and aesthetic appeal, we place a high priority on quality control procedures.

Gemstone tumble

Gemstone Tumbles are a popular option for crystal lovers, collectors, and anyone looking for the energizing and therapeutic effects of gemstones. We take pleasure in providing a broad selection of tumbles at HSR Enterprises that appeal to various purposes, preferences, and aesthetic interests.

Reiki Healing Products

With a dedication to quality, HSR Enterprises provides a wide range of Reiki Healing Products that are painstakingly made to satisfy the highest standards. To assure their purity, originality, and efficacy, our goods are meticulously selected and put through rigorous quality inspections.

Gemstone Nugget Beads

Take advantage of these gemstone nugget beads' adaptability as you set off on your creative adventure. Their irregular forms add a distinctive and rustic beauty to any project, whether you are crafting exquisite jewelry pieces or adorning home decor. 

Gemstone Tree

Our Gemstone Trees are expertly made by craftsmen who have a profound understanding of the mystical qualities of gemstones and the intricate details of nature. Each tree is carefully crafted, with delicate branches encrusted with real jewels that give off their distinct energies and stunning aesthetic appeal. 

Ebony Handicraft

Join HSR Enterprises as they explore the fascinating world of ebony handicrafts. Experience the enduring beauty of this noble wood as it is skillfully crafted into magnificent works of art. Our selection provides a wide range of solutions to improve your own style or home decor. 

Snow White Quartz Grains

Accept the adaptability of Snow White Quartz Grains as they perfectly accentuate any style or setting. These grains lend a sense of class and refinement to any scene, whether they are utilized as an accent in creative endeavors, as a component of jewelry designs, or as a compelling centerpiece.

Snow White Quartz Powder

The magnificent and opulent assortment of finely powdered quartz particles known as Snow White Quartz Powders is praised for its immaculate purity and ethereal beauty. These powders were painstakingly made from premium quartz crystals, and their pure white color reflects the purity and charm of just fallen snow.

Snow White Quartz Lumps

Beautiful mineral formations called Snow White Quartz Lumps are distinguished by their startlingly pure white color and inherent translucency. These lumps, which are from the quartz family and especially the Snow White kind, exhibit an exceptional fusion of grace and adaptability. 

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